24h Defense Ion

(WM RM82/EM RM90)

24h Defense Ion has combined the old recipe with the Nano-technology by blending in multiple anti-oxidant and hydrating properties such as Nano-gold foil and MELACLEAR 2™ to promote the cell metabolism, strengthen the cornea cell regeneration. Also added TRANEXAMIC ACID , LUMIERE GOLD POWDER and also HYDROVANCE in one bottle which enable to achieve anti-oxidant, moisturizing and whitening effects. Moreover, it is able to control the melanin production for a fair and radiance complexion to satisfy your every need in 24 hours.
* This product is for external use only, injection is not required.

1. Promote skin cell metabolism.
2. Nano-gold foil unique ‘Continuous Restoring Capability’ enhances the anti-oxidant capability for an extra protection which enables to last for a longer period and be more effective.
3. Flatten fine lines for a smoother and firmer skin.
4. Radiance Complexion and lighten skin complexion, making skin glow with vitality.
5. Keep the skin moisture and supple, provide efficient nutrient to skin.




All Skin Types


Use day and night. After Toner, apply few drops essence evenly on the skin until fully absorbed, then continue with daily
routine procedures and follow by other skincare products.