Collagen Sphere Essence

(WM RM110/EM RM121)

Liposome Emulsion Technology makes the high-powered essence. The collagen spheres are using high teleology and pure marine collagen to coated liposome high-powered essence inside. The collagen spheres can denial of air oxidation factor. It combined with the advantages of two techniques to let the skin contact with the essence can absorb intact, sustained release.

The Collagen Sphere Essence contain rich firming essence and give newborn cells efficiency, promote the formation of collagen fiber, supported from the basement structure compact and restore skin elasticity. The collocation firming factor can smoother fine lines, achieve compact, make skin smooth and light years, soft, elastic and tender!




All Skin Types


Use day and night. After Toner, apply few drops essence evenly on the skin until fully absorbed, then continue with daily routine procedures and follow by other skincare products.
* External use only.