Luminous Hydra-Lift Mask Pack

(WM RM148/EM RM163)

* Tightens Pores
* Repair & Revitalise
* Brighten & Smoothen
* Strengthens Elasticity

Deep Hydrating Rose 
Deep Hydrating Rose Mist is derived from fresh rose petal by distillation extraction process obtained from 100% natural rose dew.
It also contains water-soluble substance from plants.
– Comprehensive balance effect, antioxidant effects on free radical damage.
– Hydrating agent, maintain the moisture of the skin & refresh the skin throughout the day.

Luminous Membrane
Using a new technology combined with the dual functions of face cream and mask, the high-quality maintenance ingredients in the cream are penetrated into the bottom layer of the skin through the polymer memory film technology. Its rich in Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.
– Delivering long-lasting hydration, retain skin moisture while softening and nourishing the face.
– Improve skin elasticity and smoothness; reduce wrinkles and enhance hydration.
– Regulate oil and moisture for a supple, healthier-looking complexion.


Deep Hydrating Rose Mist  Net Weight: 30 ml
Luminous Membrane  Net Weight: 35 ml


All Skin types.


1. After cleaning the face, spray with Deep Hydrating Rose Mist until absorb, apply Luminous Membrane evenly on the face.
2. Rest for 20 to 30 minutes until the cream is completely dry to become transparent and lifting sensation.
3. Then spray the face with Deep Hydrating Rose Mist to form a layer of transparent gel.
4. Gently peeling off the mask from outer to inside, spray the face again with Deep Hydrating Rose Mist, follow by daily skin care routine.


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