EGF 2 in 1 Capsules (EGF Time Reverse Capsule & EGF Hydra-Up Capsule)

(WM RM238/EM RM262) 30 caps

EGF shrinks pores and anti-wrinkle effect is very significant, EGF can promote the growth and division of various cells in epidermal tissue, replenish epidermal cells and restore youthful, it can also promote collagen growth ability, repair aging of collagen elastic fibre, so many scientists have been praised as “beauty factor”.
EGF can promote the rapid renewal of human skin. It is well known that the younger the woman is, the better the skin is, the more white and delicate, the root is the younger the age, the higher the EGF content in the skin, the faster the skin renewal speed, this way the skin is tender and soft, but as the age increases, the content of EGF in the skin gradually decreases. After 25 years old, the decline is faster, so the skin is aging, rough, and precipitates. Therefore, the content of EGF determines whether the skin is tender or not. So people also call EGF a “beauty factor”.

EGF Time Reverse Capsule 
The biochemical patent Neutrazen™ anti-allergy peptides eliminate redness, reduce skin tension and tingling, reduce discomfort in sensitive skin, and improve dryness of rough, sensitive and dry skin. It has the functions of activating and protecting cells, preventing UV damage to cells, anti-inflammation and preventing skin roughness.

EGF Hydra-Up Capsule
Combined with the moisturizing star ingredient Hyaluronic Acid and Small Molecule Hyaluronic Acid, it has instant moisturizing and soothing effect, allowing the skin to return to a translucent luster and tender skin, filling the skin with full moisture, showing silk smooth skin texture.
Niacinamide and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 are added to protect the skin from dullness caused by dryness, keep the skin moist, and form a protective film on the skin. After use, the skin becomes shiny and elastic, and the skin is bright from the inside out, white, moist and radiance.


Net Weight: 30 capsules (L) 12 capsules (S)


Dry, delicate and dehydrated skin.


1. Twist the upper bulgy part. 2. Squeeze out an essence and smear on the face and neck evenly until it is completely absorbed.


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