(WM RM128/EM RM140)

1. Antioxidant: Fights against free radical, UVA and UVB and protect skin aging which cause by environmental pollution.
2. Skin lifting: Ascorbic Acid is a main ingredient of collagen forming; it minimizes eye puffs, improves aging skin and wrinkles.
3. Whitening: It softens the skin and appears a radiant complexion.
Arbutin is the star ingredient for whitening and the Tyrosinase inhibitors used to remove the age spot. It proves to be highly effective in counteracting melanin growth, removing pigment spots and enhance skin complexion.


5ml or 10ml


All skin types, especially for dull skin, pigmentation skin and uneven skin tone.


Required to mix with Luminant Emulsion 3E or Lucency Mosit 3M and apply on the face,during night only.


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