Maintenance Set

Intenseplus maintenance skin care products are from USA and France which are base on the advanced science of dermological, nutritional technology and combine with the experienced dermatologist who creates an innovative unique blend of natural botanical  extracts formulation. The product has been tested and verifies by the dermatologist; and the formula has been adjusted accordingly. Dermatologist has developed an optimum methodology of stimulating the skin which will be reacting in a stipulate time. Gradually use of intenseplus skin care products, you and your circle of friends will experience the dramatic positive change in your skin’s appearance. Hence, it is effectively restore natural vitality and nourishment, energized with elasticity skin, rejuvenate radiant complexion, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles formation; and you may feel it all. Eventually, it takes longer period to produce a visible result for your skin. If you are maintaining this stage at a gradual pace, it will deliver an exceptional result. Yet your skins will appear radiance and luminosity which can achieve an optimum condition.