Exclusive Salon Interior Design Concept  

The Blue Charm

The one and only fashion and beauty brand

“Blue Charm” has a fashionable interior design, with heart shapes wallpapers as their wall decoration. It is a new era in the beauty industry pioneered by Intenseplus.

Its distinctive brand image is an attraction to the consumers and it is able to distinguish itself from many competitors. The excellent beauty products and brand management company, Intenseplus stands out due to its exclusive beauty salon design – Blue Charm, thereby launching a new concept for the beauty industry.

Intenseplus is founded in 2004, within the short period of 10 years, it has expanded its business territory to Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries. There have been about 15 exclusive sole distributors for Intenseplus products in Malaysia.

The series of Intenseplus professional skin care products are developed by the exemplary reputed American and French skin care research centre based on the principle of dermatology and nutrition science, along with the use of advanced technology, to increase cell regeneration, to promote metabolism and to prevent the phenomenon of premature aging.

With its meritorious product and brand management, Intenseplus has received numerous awards, including the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification; Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2010/2011; Asia Success Award Super Brand; CosmoBeaute Asia 2010 Best Creative Booth; 2011 Most Innovation Award; and the 2012 Most Outstanding Booth Award.

11 exclusive blue design concepts

A perfect idea that cannot be replicate

Anyone who are interested in becoming an exclusive distributor of Intenseplus will not only receive assistance in the aspects of products, services and marketing, but also on the design of the beauty salon as Intenseplus has already prepared a salon blueprint designed by professional interior designers, known as the “Blue Charm”. “Blue Charm” interior design theme is composed of 11 concepts which foster a sense of comfort and professional.


t can be touch with real. It cannot be duplicated.

“Blue Charm” unique interior design makes the customer experience and feel the extravagance, the magnificent and luxurious image, Other salons are not easily duplicated, copied, because each material, furnishings, colors, decor, etc., are design by professional designers.

ine elegant brand marks

Intenseplus set nine elegant brand marks, so that “Blue Charm” fully shows in the salon every corner:
* Intense Blue * Intenseplus grand signage * Model Light box * Elegant decorative glass door * Extravagance stainless steel door handle * Intenseplus Company Profile – Quality ensure * Multifunction display cabinet positions * Profound impression Intenseplus wallpaper * Intenseplus luxurious white counters

he blue charm carefully crafted by professional design matters.

These nine elegant brand trademarks and interior design are made Intenseplus professional interior designer based on corporate brand image and spirit of carefully crafted.

nsure the brand symbol.

Strong brand, a unique market image, can enhance Intenseplus reputation; also improve customer confidence and the opportunity to create long-term customer relationships, and to be easily the marketing sector planning any marketing strategy and initiatives to improve visibility.

ew experience from perfect professional beauty.

“Blue Charm” gives a professional feel to science and high technology to help customers solve various skin problems. Intenseplus excellent team of professional beauticians’ perfectly healthy image to a wealth of experience and dedication, giving customers the experience and confidence to meet the demand.

hare the pursuit of modern business competition.

When you decide to join Intenseplus family that will help you explore your beauty career in the highly competitive beauty industry to increase your customer base. So, will be open beauty salon interior design blueprint to join the partnership, without additional costly interior design fees, also to create these unique, elegant salons.

volution and innovations beauty industry with new vision.

Nowadays beauty salons have not like previous traditional beauty salons have been as easy to operate, only superior products and services, and significant brand to occupy a place in this industry. Therefore, Intenseplus brands have also gone through evolution, so that the brand is more thrive, mature, innovative product sales also followed enhance.

otential taking charge of the whole city.

After a series of branding, publicity, and interior design under unified chain of beauty salons, Intenseplus believe its brand momentum taking charge of the whole city, so that more people are aware of Intenseplus.

uxurious top temperament.

Intenseplus beauty salon to take a high-quality wallpaper material, high-resolution printing pictures, impressive advertising design and experienced installation works to bring out the brand’s luxury, extravagance, symbolic impression. After a filter of design, materials and devices can certainly add beauty industry exclusive distribution various cost savings.

nique five senses: Visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste.

When customers enter the Intenseplus, they will experience the five kinds of unique experience, including: vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

uccessful achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

“There are people who dream of the greatest”, Intenseplus to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, develop your beauty career.

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