Who is Intenseplus?

We specialized in professional skincare products that are developed by well established Skincare Research Laboratory from United States of America and France. In a short period of 18 years, we are not only established strongly in Malaysia, we do also have good grounding in country such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei.

We understand a strong company is established by providing good product quality and excellent customer relationship. Therefore, we consistently improve and refine our product’s formulation by incorporating the scientifically advanced technology and top nutrient formulation. We assured our products are thoroughly screen with an extensive quality check to ensure every product meets stringent pre-determined standards and develop products that delight the customer as well as improve their well-being. We also offer a full spectrum of specialized services and deliver the utmost to satisfy every need of our customer.

Why Intenseplus?

Our product concept and idea is base on the principles of dermatological and nutritional science using the most advanced technology to increase cellular regeneration and metabolism, thus preventing premature aging. We aggressively upgrade our products and consistently incorporate with the latest skincare formulations to provide a range of result-driven skincare products. In addition to maintain constant product quality, we have adopted a sequence of process for further improvement and up-to-date techniques in product development.

Consequently, this wil deliver the best nature to offer our customer and will continue to preserve our relationships without compromise because we understand the important of delivering excellent customer service and provide result-driven skincare products would tighten the bond between Intenseplus® and the customers.


We devoted

We are devoted to deliver confident result to our customers, our priority is to develop serious treatment yet personalize solutions in our salon and home care beauty regimen.

Our research

Our research and development team are strike to develop the most effective, result driven products by using natural yet result-proven ingredients in our line of treatment and home care products.

We believe

We believe beauty is not about appearance, but is all about confident of you passion of being beauty. Live with confident!

Our Vision

We are keen to establish a world class brand and be the leading skincare distributor in beauty industry focusing on result-driven retail and professional skincare treatment products with total quality control.

Our Mission

We will continuously develop result-driven products and assist aestheticians with their post and procedural skin care needs, and provide finest skin care products for customers who choose home treatments, yet want to see results in their program. We are committed to endow with a consistent evolving skincare line to meet the demands of the aesthetician and consumer.

Our Philosophy

We believed quality products are the origin of the company. Therefore, our corporate philosophy is to provide a truly natural and pure skincare product which encourages healthy skincare behavior
Beauty, Natural, Healthier and Radiant skin to customer.

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