Company Background

Intenseplus® was founded in September 2004 and has been well established in Brunei, Singapore and Hong Kong besides Malaysia in a short period of 12 years. Intenseplus® believes that a branding success is dominated by good product quality and excellent customer relationship. Therefore, Intenseplus® has own brand executives, scientific research centre and advanced technology to consistently improve and provide customers the best quality and effectiveness products. Besides, Intenseplus® also has a team of highly trained professionals to offer a full spectrum of specialized services and deliver the utmost to satisfy every need of the customer.

intenseplus® is a professional skincare product which is the creation of a well established Skincare Research Laboratory from United States of America and France. Being incorporation with the scientifically advanced technology and the top nutrient formula ,it also provides us with a more in-depth understanding of quality control in order to satisfy the customer needs. Assure each and every certified product is delivering the highest quality as a total solution.

We are aggressively upgrading the intenseplus® products and on-going incorporating the latest skincare formulations. In addition to maintaining constant quality, we have adopted a process for the continuous improvement and up-to-date techniques. Consequently, this will deliver the best nature has to offer to our customer, and will continue to preserve our relationships without compromise. We have believe the quality product will be the origin of the company. Our philosophy is to provide a truly natural and pure skincare product which encourages healthy skincare behavior. Extensive quality check are conducted to ensure every product meets stringent pre-determined standards and develop products that delight the customer as well as improve their wellbeing. We also offer a full spectrum of specialized skincare services and deliver the almost…